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The StreetMatch Official PKO Ball. Made by players and made for players. Designed to enhance street soccer ball handling and detailed with tokens of respect for the creators of our beautiful lifestyle. All income from this ball will be for the use of worldwide panna events. Stay True and support.  Order now. 

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_Size 4.5_ Specially developed street soccer ball size. Custom specified and developed to fit all street soccer game skills and techniques. The ball is smaller than a traditional size 5 soccer ball and larger than the average indoor futsal, size 4. The size of the ball supports the dramatic moves, soccer artistry and ball handling during your game. Size 4.5: The international standard of street soccer. 

Product Details

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_RAW DENIM_ The raw Denim outer shell gives added texture and creates better ball grip and control. Raw denim wears with age and use, just the same as your jeans, and gives improved playability as well as enhanced style. The more wear, the more grip, the better the traction. 

Special Instructions

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The Monta Ball is spherical and covered with woven fabric. It has an approved circumference of not more than 67cm and not less than 65cm. It has a recommended weight of not more than 440grams and not less than 420grams at the start of a match. The ideal pressure for Street Match balls is 3 to 5 PSI ( 0.20 – 0.34 BAR ) at sea level. The roundness of the ball depends on correct inflation; before inflation, unfold the ball. Moisturize needle before use, push needle at 90 degrees gently into the valve. Before play, we strongly recommend to inflate the ball up to a pressure of 6 PSI and leave it for 24 hours. The ball will then attain full sphericity. After 24 hours, deflate the Monta Ball to between 3 and 5 PSI for best performance but also depending on your personal style and touch. 


_Warning_ Monta StreetMatch balls are often made with only the finest indigo dyed raw denim. As with raw denim jeans the natural dyestuff of real indigo is designed to age and fade with wear and street use. If you choose to develop your skills wearing white sneakers or clothes, be prepared to experience the authenticity of Raw Denim and be aware that colour staining may occur.