That kid on the asphalt streets. That kid inspired many. And many inspired many more. Street Soccer has evolved to an unprecedented level. The energy of the game, the level of artistry and the honorable presentation. 


It all started in the Netherlands. A melting pot of different cultures that aligned street language, attitude and fashion. Surinamese slang appeared on international broadcasts and soon the word PANNA became a world wide phenomenon for whoever followed the game. From these asphalt temples, championships made their rise and Panna Knockout, commonly used as PKO, became one of the holy grails for this lifestyle. It didn’t take long before the lifestyle of Panna was seen on almost every asphalt court around the world. Brining the rise of Pannahouse, masters of Denmark. Pannastreetz, the patrons of Belgium. And many more. All combined in this collaboration. They combine their cultural aspects and taking this lifestyle to different levels each day. They became masters of their craft, some became professional players, other became professional Panna masters. For us they are all the same. From the courts of Mexicos to the jungles of Malaysia. Japan, Belgium, United Kingdom, you name it. All in line to become the next big thing. The stage is set. Panna Knockout! 


After years of hiding in the shadows Panna Knock Out is back. Bringing back oldskool with Monta Street. The lifestyle brand that caters to street- and freestyle football. A lifestyle that transcended in these forms of expressions. With recent fragmentation of lifestyle barriers a melting pot of culture has occurred within our form of expression. Professional athletes, break-dancers, dancers, graphical artists, street soccer and freestyle soccer players, they all find a haven of expression in Monta Street. 


The PKO x MS StreetMatch ball is a token of respect for our lifestyle. Detailed with with our language and with easter eggs. Made for and made by players. This collaboration is all about giving something back to the scene. All sales will be donated to Panna Events around the world. This way we can keep creating championships and keep the stage to shine for our lifestyle. 

PANNA KO x MONTA STREET. Enter our lifestyle.